Roots Yoga Burlington

Who We Are

Yoga has become more widely known for its beneficial effect on our health and happiness. Our welcoming studio provides an escape from people's busy days and hectic lives, a kind, friendly inviting studio with a lively community of yoga teachers and students. When you enter our doors you will feel welcomed, relaxed and supported. At Roots, you will feel safe, inspired and challenged as you build a stronger body and calmer mind. Whether you are just beginning your journey or have been practicing for years, Roots' mission is to introduce and assist people in their pursuit of health, wellness, and over all fitness through yoga.

Root . Balance . Breathe

At Roots, you will feel safe, inspired and challenged as you build a stronger body and calmer mind. Through a strong grounding practice at Roots you will come to know that we must root to grow and through this philosophy our hope is that you will find that undeniable shift which brings a sense of over all well being and lift to your life. We invite all ages and levels to participate.

Our classes build on dynamic flows and sequences. Focusing on flexibility, coordination, balance, core strength, focus, and clarity. Our instructors guide class with positive affirmations, through intention, creating space and openess and allowing you to feel fully supported.

What Students Say


Julie R.

After practicing yoga here and there a few times in the past, I finally fell in love with this particular studio! Not only has it toned my body from head to toe, but it has lowered my stress level immensely. On the mat and out in the world I’m more relaxed. I feel less anxiety while driving in traffic and I’m not rushing around the way I used to. It has literally slowed my life down and I’m enjoying each day more and more thanks to yoga.

Laurie T.

Love Roots Yoga! The minute you walk in to the studio you’ll feel completely connected to your inner being, and leave all the stress of the outside world behind. Really calm, beautiful, and soulful place.

Phil H.

I was pleasantly surprised of how well I was welcomed to the studio and the detailed description of each move/pose. This is my first bonafide effort with Yoga and I am coming to realize that it can be very therapeutic.

Julia G.

Immediately I felt like I found the yoga home I’ve been looking for in the “burbs!” How special that Ginger was able to provide a practice filled with all of our requests, so beautifully sequenced & intentional!

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