Arm Balance Breakdown this Saturday 11-1PM with Stephanie

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Try something new!
Don’t tell yourself or think that you can’t explore or approach arm balances!
Don’t be discouraged thinking that you are not strong enough, flexible enough or confident enough to add arm balances into your practice.

Stephanie has us covered and is going to build our confidence and provide us with the knowledge and the steps needed to add these fun and challenging poses into our classes.

We will be slowing things down and breaking things down in a two hour workshop format designed to allow for longer explanations, explorations, Q&A, and hands on assists.

Stephanie has chosen poses like bakasana (crow pose) ,side crow and galavasana (flying pigeon). She will teach us how to build a solid foundation and properly stack your bones and joints and how success in these poses is not all about flexibility or strength.
The workshop will begin with a short discussion about the poses, followed by a nice yoga flow to create heat to prepare the body. Next we will spend the majority of the time at play with variations of the balances. Nice stretches will come next and we will end with a nice long rejuvenating savasana!

(It is suggest that students who attend this workshop should be able to hold plank pose and have a stable chaturanga in their practice.)
Register under our workshop tab.

Roots voted the best 20 Yoga Studios in Boston!

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Thank you to our wonderfully skilled and talented instructors and our supportive community and students!  This award is a direct reflection of you all!   Click link for the full detail…


Join us this Sunday evening.  Ginger will be leading class through a calming and meditative practice with a good amount of nice deep stretch while Penn will be playing guitar to accompany class.   Together they will take you to a deeper place in finding connection between mind,body and spirit through movement and the vibration of sound.   Penn is a storyteller by nature and a folk singer by trade, he’s chiseled a genre dubbed SoulFolk Storytelling using soulful lyrics, mind/body meditiation, and yoga.
Come join us!