Ginger ThanksgivingGinger
I found myself suffering from stubborn physical limitations and ailments. Unbalanced across the board, I craved fine-tuning on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level. Yoga was the answer, leading to a new found sense of harmony and wholeness, a reprieve from today’s chaotic world. It restored my balance and renewed my inner and outer strength. After two years of practice, while working full time in corporate sales and marketing, I completed my RYT200 certification. In June of 2012, with over five years of teaching experience, I opened Roots Yoga Studio. Within that same year I was chosen by Lululemon and asked to join their ambassadorship program, which has helped me to grow in an even more positive direction. My love for yoga, along with my desire to teach and share my knowledge, has led me down so many amazing paths.

In April of 2013 I completed South Boston Yoga’s Advanced Teacher Training with Todd Skoglund and Georgia Reif’. Through their teachings, I have learned to focus on the principles of alignment while creating sequences that are free-flowing yet intelligently delivered with grace and enthusiasm. I am open and approachable and aim to create a supportive well-intentioned class designed to leave students feeling invigorated, grounded, calm and connected.

I am eternally grateful to all of my students who are the reason that I keep coming back to my mat each day and I credit all of the teachers I have studied with for giving me the gift of yoga and bringing balance to my life and happiness to my heart. I am looking forward to this journey and to all the people who make their way through Roots’ doors and hope they find the same love for yoga, the one where you say,… “I wish I had found this sooner”.

After my very first yoga class, I knew I had found something truly special and it quickly became a huge part my life. What originally drew me to yoga was hearing how yoga could improve my Rheumatoid Arthritis. Not only did I find yoga to be physically beneficial for my body, I had also found the powerful mental and spiritual benefits of the yoga practice. Because of yoga, I walk through the world with more integrity and grace and it has helped me realize who I truly am, what I like to do and how I like to live my life, “yoga is about being happy with where you are now as you are in this moment.”

Since yoga and the yogic lifestyle have become such a passion of mine, I completed my 200 hour teacher training through Prana Power Yoga. In addition, I completed the Balasana Kid’s Yoga Teacher Training in 2011, I am a trained and certified Itsy Bitsy Yoga® facilitator and am Reiki I attuned.

Tina is Roots’ newest addition and has been an employee at Lahey Clinic in Burlington for over 15 years. She spent 13 years as a Unit Coordinator in the SICU and is currently a Medical Assistant in the Department of Neurology.

Tina has always had a passion for fitness and various forms of exercise. Over the past ten years Pilates has become a major part of her daily fitness regimen. Though working full-time and raising four children, Tina has found that exercise, especially Pilates is a great way to balance a very busy life. Tina recently became a Certified Pilates Instructor and received her certification @ Balanced Body University in Belmont, Ma.

What you don’t know is that Tina was Roots Yoga’s VERY FIRST student. On our opening weekend she was the first yogi to arrive for our very first class!   You can find her teaching our Yoga/Pilates blend on Friday nights at 6:15.  We are excited and honored to have you Tina!

Julie started regularly attending power yoga classes for fitness in 2008. It didn’t take long for her to realize the many other benefits of yoga, including a lowered stress level and an overall feeling of happiness during and after a yoga class. Three months later she took a foundations training with YogaKids and began teaching children’s yoga at the preschool she worked at.  Two years later while trying to encourage a friend to return to yoga, Julie attended her first Hatha Yoga Class. After three classes Julie realized this was the practice for her.  Julie soon  learned about a magical place called Rishikesh, India, the self proclaimed yoga capital of the world. On a whim she traveled there on her own for two weeks in December 2010.  That short visit was life changing.  As job circumstances changed in 2011, Julie traveled back to Rishikesh in September, 2011 to attend Rishikesh Yog Peeth.  In November 2012 Julie completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training certification.  Being trained in India was the most incredible and wonderful experience for her!  Since her return Julie has been teaching studio classes, senior chair yoga and children’s yoga.  In May 2012 Julie was hired to be a yoga research assistant for the Back to Health Study at Boston Medical. Center.  In June 2014 Julie completed a 300 hour Yoga Therapy Training from YogaLife, New Hampshire. She is registered with the Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 200, RYT 500 and RCYT.  She has completed several shorter trainings, including a one week Vinyasa yoga training with Sean Corn.  Restorative Yoga training with Bo Forbes.  Creative Relaxation Yoga Therapy for children with special needs- levels 1 and 2 with Louise Goldberg.  Julie’s goal in teaching is to have you leave class feeling better than when you walked in

After leaving my very first class I felt yoga had something more to offer than just another workout offered at the gym. I didn’t know what it was at the time. All I knew was that it felt good…really good…and that I wanted more! It’s been over a decade since that first class. During that time it has been my honor, and great pleasure, to meet so many remarkable yogis. My practice has expanded significantly through the teachings of several gifted instructors from diverse traditions including; Caroline Mallard, Krista Basis, Michelle Couris, Daniel Orlansky and Liz Owen. Many thanks go also to Renee Wilson for offering support and encouragement from a place of deep knowing and to Ginger Boermeester for her guidance and remarkable generosity.

In addition to being blessed with such extraordinary teachers, two significant life events have also deepened my connection to yoga. Several years ago yoga helped me to both accept and heal my physically injured body. Ultimately I was able to avoid a doctor recommended shoulder surgery. More recently, yoga played a central role in allowing me not only to endure, but to grow, flourish and give, during a life altering family matter.

Yoga has opened my life to a greater sense of calm, peace, ease, balance, strength, centeredness, joy and wellbeing. These are gifts I feel compelled to share, and so I enrolled in the The Yoga of Energy Flow 200-Hour Teacher Training, an experience for which I am overwhelmingly grateful. Drawing from Kundalini Yoga, Meridian Yoga, and Kali Ray TriYoga, Yoga of Energy Flow is a unique and transformative yoga method that integrates strength and flexibility training, energy cultivation, and awareness.
I am an open and approachable person and my classes are too. It would be my privilege to guide you through a class filled with positive energy, a focus on breath and body awareness. Come and calm the pace of your life, center and quiet your mind. Be present and connect with your mind, body and spirit. The benefits will overflow off your mat and into your life.

Following a round of physical therapy for a neck injury, Terri turned to yoga to build strength and flexibility. She walked in to her first class in 2005 and never looked back. For the next few years, Terri developed her practice and explored the intricacies of yoga. Eager to deepen and expand her practice, she enrolled in Teacher Training in the fall of 2011.

Under the guidance of Jen Ryan, Nicole Grant, Kristen Olson and Greg McGowan, Terri completed the 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program and it didn’t take long for her to become hooked on teaching.

Today, Terri is a high-tech marketer by day, and a yoga student and teacher by night. She is passionate about the things she takes on and loves the energy she gets from sharing her enthusiasm with others. In her classes, she focuses on the details while having fun and encouraging students to explore their practice in new ways.

stephanie faceStephanie
Stephanie’s love of yoga began 3 years ago on a whim. Being a fitness enthusiast and looking to try something new, she went to a Vinyasa class.  Having no experience with yoga she didn’t know what to expect.  What she found was that she was instantly hooked on how physically challenging Yoga could be. Not only did it challenge her, it also provided her with a sense of peace and clarity that no other form of exercise could. Twice weekly classes soon developed into a daily practice. As a busy mom of two boys and a long career as a makeup artist it was time to make a life change.  What better of a change then to teach yoga to anyone willing to listen?

In June 2011 she completed her 200RYT with Jen Ryan and Nicole Bacon. She continued her learning through workshops and intensives taught by some of the communities leading teachers including Natasha Rizopoulos, Dominic Corigliano  Kathryn Budig, Marc St Pierre, Krista and Brock Cahill, and Patricia Walden.  After two years of teaching, Stephanie decided to enroll in another 200hr RYT finishing in June 2013.  Studying again not only with Jen Ryan, but also with Kristen Olson and Greg McGowan.  Believing in the yogic principle of Svadiyaya, self study, yoga is a life long practice where we continue to learn and grow. Stephanie’s classes are fun, energetic and light-hearted. There is a strong emphasis on building strength, body awareness, and breath. She encourages her students to try new things and challenge themselves, trusting the fact the we don’t know what we are capable of until we try.

In April of 2003, I took my very first yoga class, and knew after the first hour on my mat, that this would be my home for the rest of my life.  I came to my mat, to heal many physical and mental injuries from a lifetime of gymnastics and ballet.  This was the first time I experienced myself in my body, with my breath surrounded by healing, non-competitive energy.  As I closed the door to a life of competition, strive for perfection, and the need to please others through not taking care of myself, a new door of health, wellness, and spirit opened up.  I have trained and practiced with many different teachers who come from all different backgrounds.  I am perpetually inspired by teachers all over the world and draw on their knowledge and experience to inspire my own teachings.

I completed my 200-hr teacher training through YogaWorks, with Natasha Rizopolous in 2010, and began teaching 2 weeks later.  I have studied in India for 4 months of sustainable living, practicing yoga and deepening my spirituality through independent study and meditation.  Once I returned from India, my interest in meditation blossomed, and I have since participated in a couple of silent 7-10 day retreats, meditating on kindness (metta) and mindfulness (vipassana), learning how to bring these two principles in my daily life, on and off of my yoga mat.

In addition to teaching every week, I have recently completed my 300hr Comprehensive Yoga Therapy certification!  This program is designed to teach us how to guide people to their highest self through the teachings of classical yoga philosophy, taught in one-on-one sessions, each session unique to each person.  I am now offering Yoga Therapy session to those who are interested!  For more info, please look at the Yoga Therapy section of my site to read more.

I infuse my classes with aspects of everyone I have been inspired by, including Natasha Rizopolous, Kevin Courtney, Dana Courtney, Georgia Reath and David Vendetti. I owe many thanks and much gratitude to every teacher and every student who has left an impression on my heart.  My hope is to simply be one of many vehicles to help guide you to take your yoga, off of your mat, and into the world. Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. (Om, Peace, Peace, Peace.)

karen picketKaren
Yoga is a very important part of my everyday life. It made me realize the importance of being balanced in all aspects of my day to day activities. If you stay present and live in the moment everything seems to feel better and lighter. Learning to focus on the moment allows you to let go of the past and  not jump to the thoughts of what is coming next. Through the continued practice of yoga I try to create calmness, gratitude and an inner peace within myself that radiates to others around me.Teaching yoga is not a job but a passion. The practice allows you to escape your day to day life and refocus on yourself through breath and movement.

Yoga is not only a physical practice but it is a total body connection which deepens your awareness. As you continue your yoga journey your practice will deepen and every time you come to your mat your connection will become stronger. I have a 200 hour yoga certification and a 20 hour certification in alignment from the Yoga Loft. I continue to take workshops and practice yoga every week. With a busy life yoga  keeps me focused on the importance of being happy with an open heart!

After taking an occasional yoga class, Caitlin discovered Power Yoga in 2004 and was hooked.  Being a high energy person, this practice fit her lifestyle.  Working full-time in a corporate marketing role and being a part-time runner, Caitlin discovered the practice of yoga not only provided incredible physical benefits, but created a pathway to the balance of mind and spirit. In realizing just how powerful the effects of yoga was on her during a transitional point in her life, she felt compelled to share the benefits of yoga in hopes of helping others find a balance, peace, and deeper part of themselves.

In 2005 Caitlin obtained her RYT 200 in Power Yoga after graduating from Open Doors Power Yoga Teacher Training in Weymouth, MA working with Richard Lanza, Jené Rossi and Shawn Cornelison.  After starting her own family, she continued her education by obtaining certifications in pre- and post-natal yoga, yoga for brain disorders, and most recently earned her kids yoga certification with Kim Taylor.  After relocating to the Burlington area, Caitlin soon found a new yoga community and is very excited to be part of the Roots family, both as an instructor and student.  Caitlin also studied Meridian yoga with Daniel Orlansky and is Reiki I attuned.

Danielle began her yogic journey in 2009 while looking for something to keep her body in physical shape after playing soccer collegiately for 4 years. She began solely practicing Ashtanga for 1 year and soon found that what she had been looking for physically had evolved into an internal transformation. She has continued to grow in finding balance through all types of yoga and has recently received her 200 hr RYT training certificate under Master yogis Jen Ryan and Nicole Grant. She is excited to spread her positive energy through teaching others.

A firm believer in seeking balance within your life to find true happiness. Danielle believes a great teacher is one that is constantly willing to learn new things in order to evolve into a better image of themselves. Based on these beliefs Danielle’s classes are full of energy as well as linking the mind and body through breath to lead each student through a challenging vinyasa flow that focuses on postures to facilitate in toning and stretching the physical body.

I started practicing yoga in college. My practice has grown and changed over time with the constant factor of creating a sense of balance. Yoga is so beneficial on multiple levels. Yoga has the power to create communities, positive outcomes, and healing – both physically and emotionally. I am so happy that I have completed my 200 hour teacher training so that I can share all the beauty and peacefulness that yoga has taught me. My yoga training was a transformation of my life. I left my healthcare job to find balance in my life.  I now incorporate ayurvedic practices, meditation, and reiki into my life regularly and I am so grateful for these transformational practices. Yoga has helped me connect with so many people and communities – it is amazing. I love that yoga is never stale, we are always learning, and everyday is different.

Yoga has helped me get through the ebbs and flows of life more gracefully. Since practicing yoga, my anxiety has decreased more than words can express. I’m able to be more present day-to-day. Simply put, I’m my best self when I get on my mat regularly. It’s not just a practice to me anymore, but a lifestyle. I went to a free yoga class at Roots Yoga my senior year of high school (February 2nd, 2014) and for some reason kept coming back for more. Six months later, I found myself spontaneously applying to yoga teacher training. At age 19 I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training at Prana Power Yoga in Winchester, MA. Two days after graduating YTT, I got a job teaching at my college, Salem State University, to teach to my peers & faculty where I started my teaching career. I’ve realized that yoga is a 5,000 year old gift that we need more now than ever. I am honored to give this gift that I had initially received at this studio back to our Roots Yoga community, which is one of the most tight knit and open communities I have ever been a part of.

Natalia has always been passionate about health and wellness. She completed her Masters in Health Promotion Management from American University in 2012, which was the same year she found yoga. For Natalia, yoga created the space to connect with the body without the tornado of thoughts that seemed to follow her around off that mat. The transformative tools yoga offered her, led to her growing passion and completion of her 200-hr certification with Boston Yoga School in 2016 at North End Yoga in Boston, MA. Through her teaching, Natalia strives to create a space of connectivity, acceptance and exploration while allowing her students the freedom to find balance, strength, and their path to self-discovery.

Growing up I was always physically active, participating in an array of activities such as dance classes, swimming, and gymnastics. However, my super mobile lifestyle had come to a halting stop when I was diagnosed with severe adult onset of scoliosis at the age of 20. This caused immense pain and strict physical limitations in my daily life, and even more so in my favorite physical activities. After having an extensive surgery with spinal fusion of my thoracic spine, I was left rigid, painful, and frustrated. I walked into Roots Yoga in 2013 where I met Ginger. After a few questions and coming into a simple Chair Pose, Ginger said, “You can do this!” So began my yoga journey.

All thanks to yoga, not long after meeting Ginger I could start engaging in a regular yoga routine; not only was I able to touch my toes, but I could twist through my thoracic spine! After having a yoga routine for 3 years, I felt that others, like me, needed to understand the benefits of yoga: mentally and physically. Overcoming the fear of pain was my biggest obstacle within my practice. With slow and gentle classes I was able to overcome that fear and advance in yoga, quickly falling in love with power classes. I decided in the summer of 2016 that I wanted to further my own practice and knowledge. I received my RYT200 at Health Yoga Life in Boston. I felt—and still feel—inspired to help guide others with their yoga practice through my teaching. Yoga has been life-changing for me in my spinal recovery and even in my daily life outside of the studio with lessons learned of compassion, forgiveness, kindness, and love for myself as well as for others. I hope you will take the next step in your journey by joining me in mine here at Root’s Yoga.

My love for yoga is a product of a lifelong draw towards holistic healing and natural medicine. After a misdiagnosed childhood health issue led me to examine the relationship between mind and body, I found yoga as a way to feel deeply at peace in my skin and “clear the pathways” for my body to heal itself at the root cause, instead of merely masking symptoms. In class, my goal is to hold safe and all-inclusive space for you to to do the same! I received my 200 hr YTT at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica, and Levels I and II Reiki certifications in Boston, MA. My background in bodywork, education, and creative arts therapy lends itself to a fun and accessible Vinyasa-based yoga practice, offering students outlets for physical and emotional exploration, with plenty of modifications for all levels. I’ll encourage you to practice self care, body positive language, and a sense of humor throughout practice. I look forward to sharing practice with you!