March Line Up!

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march1 hour heated class is back on Thursday nights

Two options to choose from 5:00PM or 6:15PM. Come on in and get your sweat and stretch on!

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Kids Session & Family Yoga

  • Yoga & Mindfulness on Wednesdays (ages 5-10) with Julie Aronis 4:15-5:15PM
  • Family Yoga (ages 2-5) on Saturday March 10th 11:15-12
  • Yoga Pajama Party (ages 5-10) 1-3PM

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Chakra Balancing with Sound Healing

Sunday March 11th 1-3PM with Linda & Corrine
Explore the Chakras using everyday language and experiences along with the vibrations of quartz crystal singing bowls. Chakra specific poses, affirmations, sounds and visualizations will be used to activate each of the seven chakras. Pranayama (a breathing practice) and guided meditation will then be used to encourage balance.

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Yoga & Acupuncture

Thursday, March 15th with Jay & Ginger
(this sells out quickly, don’t wait)

Do you love yoga or acupuncture and want to see how they can compliment one another? This program will stretch and soothe every space in the physical body. Class will conclude with an extended savasana (resting pose) and guided meditation. Afterwards a community style acupuncture treatment on your mat is included for each of the participants.

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Yoga Reaches Out – 2 Hour Power Heated Detox Flow

Saturday, March 17th 11-1PM with Ginger

Roots is teaming up with ‘Team North Shore Yogis’, a group of dedicated yogis from studios spanning the North Shore of Boston. We are coming together to participate in Yoga Reaches Out to help Boston Children’s Hospital continue its amazing work for kids and families. All of the funds we raise directly benefits the Wellness Program at Boston Children’s Hospital. This program provides integrative therapies for patients and caregivers such as massage, Reiki, acupunture, meditation, gentle yoga and Zumba. These holistic therapies are a great comfort to those who are going through difficult times.

All proceeds go to YRO/Boston Children’s Hospital 2018! 

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Yay for Yinnnnnn!

Thursday, March 22nd 7:30-8:45 with Natalia

Yin Yoga is a slower style of yoga that targets the connective tissues in the body to create more joint mobility, muscle and fascia flexibility, and better circulation. It is a wonderful complementary yoga practice to more dynamic and invigorating yoga styles such as vinyasa flow. Floor postures are held in a relaxed, passive way from 1 – 5 minutes in order to safely access and work connective tissues such as joints and tendons.

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Skate 22 Fundraiser – Yoga for Athletes Deep Stretch

Saturday, March 24th 11-12:15

Each day 22 U.S. Military Veterans take their own lives…The Skate for the 22 Foundation was formed to reduce that tragically high number. We provide hockey, learn to skate, and skills development sessions at no cost to our players, to get veterans back into a supportive, team environment.

The Foundation

  • Increases public awareness of the statistically significant rate of suicides among military veterans.
  • Provides financial assistance and other support to families of veteran suicide victims, along with scholarships to their children
  • Conducts suicide prevention seminars for our players and their families

All proceeds go the Skate22 Foundation- care of Roots Yogi Charlie Bobbish the Foundations Director

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Spring Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils

Sunday, March 25th 1-3PM with Julie & Shannon
The purpose of this workshop is to calm the mind, rejuvenate the body and place us in balance and feeling ready for the seasonal changes. This workshop will include a brief overview of Ayurveda and how it relates to the seasons and the body, a solid warm up and seven restorative poses starting at the base chakra, moving up to the crown of the head.

Restorative yoga is practiced laying on a mat with props for support. Each pose will be paired with an essential oil, affirmation and crystal that goes with the chakra. This workshop is open and accessible to all levels of student, equally beneficial for beginners and the long time practitioner.

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Intro to Yoga for Beginners

Thursday, March 29th 7:30-8:45PM with Nicole & Ginger
Roots is committed to teaching new students the basics, so that your first introduction leaves you feeling ready, confident and successful.

We will get to know and learn each individual and their specific needs while we take things slow. We will break down the basics of our traditional yoga poses and cover how to avoid some common pit-falls like wrist strain, lower back issues, and in-flexibility that some students experience. A strong grounding practice with proper breath technique, an understanding of how to set a firm foundation, and following the principles of alignment is essential to the success of the new yogi.

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*Save the date and join us for Yoga Reaches Out on April 29th at Gillette!

Roots is teaming up with ‘Team North Shore Yogis’

Details here

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