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Chakra & Sound Bowl Healing

Sunday February 4th with Linda & Corrine
Explore the Chakras using everyday l

anguage and experiences along with the vibrations of quartz crystal singing bowls. Chakra specific poses, affirmations, sounds and visualizations will be used to activate each of the seven chakras. Pranayama (a breathing practice) and guided meditation will then be used to encourage balance.

Chakra Balancing with Sound Healing  is a powerful way to….

  • Increase confidence
  • Free blocked energy
  • Transform obstacles
  • Move through fear
  • Connect with your personal power
  • Increase vitality and energy
  • Find, follow and speak your truth

Click through to the registration link for all the details…

Register here - $45

Superbowl Pre-game Sweat & Surrender Heated Class

Sunday February 4th with Karen

Join us on Super Bowl Sunday before the big game.  Plenty of time to pre-game with us! This workshop will include plenty of twists for detoxing, strong balancing sequences , core strength, beautiful heart openers, hip openers and back-bends. Every movement will feel purposeful and deliberate. As always Karen will place a strong emphasis on breath work to recharge you! We will close practice using aroma scented cloths that will be placed on your forehead and feet to allow your entire body to surrender into an extended meditation. These two hours will leave you feeling relaxed, calm and centered! Just in time to go home and watch the Patriots beat the Eagles for their 6th Super Bowl VICTORY! GO PATS!

Register here – $20

Yay for Yin!

Thursday, Feb. 8th with Natalia

Yin Yoga is a slower style of yoga that targets the connective tissues in the body to create more joint mobility, muscle and fascia flexibility and better circulation.  It is a wonderful complementary yoga practice to more dynamic and invigorating yoga styles such as vinyasa flow. In Yin Yoga, floor postures are held in a relaxed, passive way from 1 – 5 minutes in order to safely access and work connective tissues such as joints and tendons.

Yin Yoga restores and maintains mobility while enhancing the body’s energetic flow and emotional balance. With its emphasis on non-muscular mobility, Yin is a great way to enhance your vinyasa (or Yang) practice.
This workshop will consist of mostly floor postures with an emphasis on stillness and silence.   This Yin offering will facilitate both the body and the mind for a deeper meditative state.

Register here –  $25

Intro to Yoga for Beginners

with Ginger & Nicole

Saturday, Feb. 10th 11-1PM
Thursday, Feb. 15th 7:30-9PM

Roots is committed to teaching new students the basics, so that your first introduction leaves you feeling ready, confident and successful. It is important to us that you start out prepared and comfortable so that you fall in love with and stick with your practice. We want you to experience the amazing transformation that yoga can have on your over all well-being, and your life.

Please join us for this beginner workshop. We will get to know and learn each individual and their specific needs while we take things slow. We will break down the basics of our traditional yoga poses and cover how to avoid some common pit-falls like wrist strain, lower back issues, and in-flexibility that some students experience.

A strong grounding practice with proper breath technique, an understanding of how to set a firm foundation, and following the principles of alignment is essential to the success of the new yogi.  Come join us!

Register here for – Feb. 10th – $35

Register here for – Feb. 15th – $35

Valentines Heart Opening Workshop

Sunday, Feb 11th 3:00-4:30 with Ginger

Join us for this Valentines heart opening and exploring workshop.  We will discover the power of unlocking and unleashing anahata, our heart chakra! Some of the many physical benefits of heart opening poses include; toning the spine, increasing breathing capacity of the lungs and relieving tightness in the back and shoulders.

The emotional benefits of heart opening allows you to grow stronger with more compassion and connectedness to others as well as the world around you.

Class will include approximately one hour of physical practice as we explore the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of a heart centered practice. We will follow with meditation, discussion and journaling on our own heart-centeredness discoveries!

Register here – $25

Aromatic & Restorative Yoga

Thursday, Feb. 22nd 7:30-8:45PM with Julie

Join Julie for two of her favorite classes combined together! This is a great class for self-care! We will open with gentle stretching followed by restorative poses.

Three essential oils will be shared though out class. Restorative yoga is a deeply relaxing and therapeutic class for all levels, including absolute beginners. We will use bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps to support every part of the body for several minutes. By supporting the physical self, we create an environment which allows the nervous system and other internal systems to completely relax and recharge. Although the room will be set to a comfortable temperature, please dress in layers. You won’t be moving as much as you do in other yoga classes.

Register here – $35

Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Winter Olympics! (Ages 5-10)
Wednesday Feb. 21st 4-5:15PM with Julie

Everyone earns a gold medal when yoga and the Winter Olympics come together!  During this special school vacation class we will practice versions of real Olympic events such as figure skating and speed skating as well as a special yoga obstacle course!  There will be a special meditation and as always we will end with a cozy final relaxation!

Register $20

Save the date… Saturday, March 10th

-       “Family Yoga” 11:15-12PM  for 2-5 yr olds

-       “Pajama Party Yoga” 1-3PM for ages 5-10


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