What a great start to the New Year!   Our yoga community has seen such wonderful growth over the past year and the start of this new year looks to bring the same for 2015 judging by our classes, workshops and offerings that have been wonderfully received and attended this past month. Terri kicked off January with the most amazing and powerful resolutions workshop focusing on creating abundance and teaching us about the power of positive intention. Ginger turned out 15 brand new yogis in her Intro-to Yoga for Beginners Workshop this month, and Stephanie guided our more seasoned students through a wonderful vinyasa and sun salutation study.  We love to see you learn and continue to grow your studies and your practice both on and off the mat.   It is our hopes that you can benefit by attending our varied and interesting offerings for the month of February!


YAY for Yin! w/ Terri
Sunday Feb. 1st and 15th 4-5:15PM
Terri is excited to extend to you her most recent training! Yin Yoga is a slower, complementary yoga practice to more dynamic and invigorating yoga styles such as vinyasa flow. In Yin Yoga, floor postures are held in a relaxed, passive way from 1 – 5 minutes in order to safely access and work connective tissues such as joints and tendons.

Yin Yoga restores and maintains mobility while enhancing the body’s energetic flow and emotional balance. With its emphasis on non-muscular mobility, Yin is a great way to enhance your vinyasa (or Yang) practice.

In a Yin class we tend to dress a little warmer as we don’t move around and build up as much heat. Layers are recommended.

We are excited to bring you this sought after practice!

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Intro-to-Yoga for Beginners Workshop w/ Ginger
Saturday Feb. 7th 11-1PM

After taking her very first yoga class, Ginger left feeling frustrated. Not having the basic understanding of a practice caused her to walk away from yoga for five years. Roots is committed to teaching new students the basics, so that their first introduction to yoga is a successful one, so they too can experience the amazing transformation that yoga can have on your over all well-being, your life, and to those around you.

Please join us for this beginners workshop. She will break down the basics of our traditional yoga poses and cover how to avoid common pit-falls like wrist strain, lower back issues, and in-flexibility that some students experience. A strong grounding practice with proper breath technique, an understanding of how to set a firm foundation, and following the principles of alignment is essential to the success of the new yogi. Don’t let another day go-bye! You need Yoga in your life! $25


Valentines Day Enlightenment of Love Workshop w/ T.J
Saturday, Feb. 14th 11-1PM

Whether we like it or not there is a lot of energy that surrounds February 14th. All too often we feel pressure either to either find love or to create the perfect expression of internal feelings to present to another. This year on Valentines day Join TJ Mokkosian for a very special workshop called “The Enlightenment of Love”. In this two hour journey through writing, discussion and physical practice we will dive into the idea that we are all already perfect living, breathing, moving expressions of the most powerful force on earth. By identifying what factors stand in our way from accepting that fact we will work together as a community to release and shine brighter from the inside out than ever before. To share our energy we must first cultivate within. So this Valentines Day offer yourself the gift of self love by connecting to your true vibrant nature.
 Make this a Valentine’s Day like no other! $35


Arm Balance Breakdown w/ Stephanie!
Saturday, Feb. 28th 11-1PM
Join Stephanie and demystify the world of arm balances! Before you go and think to yourself I can’t arm balance because “I’m not strong enough, fit enough, flexible enough or confident enough or what ever other obstacle you perceive to be in your way” then this workshop is for you! We will explore Bakasana ( crow pose) and it’s friends. Learn how it’s more about building a solid foundation and properly stacking your bones and joints than about flexibility or strength. We will begin with a short discussion about the poses, get into a nice flow to create heat in the body, play with variations of the balances and end with some nice stretches and a rejuvenating savasana. Remember, you can’t say you can’t do something until you try!
Take the next step in your practice! $35

Kids Yoga! New Age Group! 5-8 yrs w/ Julie
4 week series on Wednesdays 4:15-5:15
Yoga, the 5,000-year-old art of fusing the body and mind, is not just transforming adults today. Because of its amazing benefits, yoga for children is all the rage and is spreading rapidly around the world.

Children’s yoga is great for a child’s mind, body and self-esteem. During this class the children will learn tools to deal with the stress that can arise in a child’s life (test taking, conflict with friends or family members and many other things). We will enjoy yoga movement, breathing and meditation. We will play yoga games, practice yoga to music, do individual, partner and group poses.

Here are some of the great benefits children are able to receive from the practice:

1. Maintains flexibility within a childs growing and changing body.

2. Enhances Concentration

3. Increases self-awareness and self-esteem

4. Teaches how to remain present and focused and enjoy coming into stillness

5. Cultivates a peaceful, relaxed state of body and mind.

6. Teaches how to use your own breathe as a stress management tool.
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Back to our regular schedule!

Go Blue for Brit today!

January 20th, 2015 | Posted by ginger in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

belikebritToday would mark Britney Gengel’s 25th Birthday!  Let’s team up and celebrate her fun loving, kind spirit and zest to live a full life and continue to support her wish to care for the children of Haiti!  If you wear blue to class today we will enter you in a drawing for a free 5 class pass!

A HEART FELT THANK YOU to the Lululemon Burlington store for donating a very generous sum  in Roots’ name to the BeLikeBrit Orphanage in Haiti!



Whether your a newbie or seasoned yoga practitioner this workshop will be for you. In this workshop we will explore the pieces of Suyra Namaskara A,B &C (aka sun/moon salutes). There are many different components to each of these very important pieces of a vinyasa practice.

Speaking of vinyasa, you may be thinking what the heck is that and why do we do it?  We will explore different variations of the vinyasa, as well as how to properly set up the postures. Eventually your vinyasa style becomes an expression of your yoga practice. Once you get all the foundational aspects down, you can then start develop a sense of your own practice.

You can expect some discussion about the postures and the use of breath to begin. A slow break down of the sun variations giving time for questions and proper set up and last a flow to put it all together. We will visit the idea of using props to help us maintain safe alignment and build muscle memory. When we know what the postures are supposed to feel like we can then begin to explore the fluidity of the vinyasa flow practice.
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Yesterday marked the five year anniversary of the massive earthquake that devastated Haiti and took close to 300,00 lives and left so many children orphaned. Take a moment to watch NBC’s feature  on BLB’s contribution to this beautiful country and how Brittany’s wish for these children has become an almost unbelievable reality…

Thank you to all of you who have supported BLB over the past seven months since Roots visited and brought yoga to these children!   Look how far they have come!