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Boys Athletic Stretch 4 week series starts Friday October 7th 2:30-3:15

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EVERY athlete, irrespective of sport or discipline has the potential to enhance his or her ability by adopting a consistent yoga practice. If you are not properly stretching or not practicing yoga, you’re competing at a disadvantage and missing an opportunity to enhance peak performance.   A yoga practice delivers the following benefits:

Improved Strength: Routine and consistent practice of the various poses or postures helps build strength and improve lean muscle mass. Most notably with respect to several muscle groups that may be under-utilized in your chosen athletic discipline.  These gains enhance core body stability and significantly impede overuse injury by strengthening the supportive but otherwise under-developed muscles surrounding the more utilized muscles, creating a more balanced and optimally functional overall strength.

Balance:  A consistent yoga practice, helps with mental focus, coordination and balance.  Better balance and coordination means enhanced control over how you move your body, which in turn leads to better technique and form.

Flexibility: Yoga improves joint and muscular flexibility, which is crucial to the body’s overall structural soundness. Enhanced joint and muscle pliancy translates to greater range of motion, or an increase in the performance latitude for a particular movement or series of movements. This increased range of motion provides a greater ability to strength condition a particular muscle group. The more you work on flexibility the less likely you are to a pull, tear or an overuse injury.

Mental Control: The physical benefits of yoga for the athlete are huge. But equally important is the mindfulness and meditative qualities of the practice.

We will teach how to quell, quiet and control the impulses of the mind; help  clear the mental clutter.

This mind and body approach will help both on and off the playing fields!


Arm Balance Breakdown this Saturday 11-1PM with Stephanie

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stephanie face
Try something new!
Don’t tell yourself or think that you can’t explore or approach arm balances!
Don’t be discouraged thinking that you are not strong enough, flexible enough or confident enough to add arm balances into your practice.

Stephanie has us covered and is going to build our confidence and provide us with the knowledge and the steps needed to add these fun and challenging poses into our classes.

We will be slowing things down and breaking things down in a two hour workshop format designed to allow for longer explanations, explorations, Q&A, and hands on assists.

Stephanie has chosen poses like bakasana (crow pose) ,side crow and galavasana (flying pigeon). She will teach us how to build a solid foundation and properly stack your bones and joints and how success in these poses is not all about flexibility or strength.
The workshop will begin with a short discussion about the poses, followed by a nice yoga flow to create heat to prepare the body. Next we will spend the majority of the time at play with variations of the balances. Nice stretches will come next and we will end with a nice long rejuvenating savasana!

(It is suggest that students who attend this workshop should be able to hold plank pose and have a stable chaturanga in their practice.)
Register under our workshop tab.

Roots voted the best 20 Yoga Studios in Boston!

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Thank you to our wonderfully skilled and talented instructors and our supportive community and students!  This award is a direct reflection of you all!   Click link for the full detail…