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7 Chakras in 7 weeks with Terri Delfino starts this Sunday!

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tree and chakras

Come learn how to harmonize your body, mind & soul! 
The chakras are centers of energy located throughout the body.
There are seven main chakras starting at the base of the spine rising up to the crown of the head. The energy, called Prana, which moves through the chakras plays a vital role in keeping us vibrant, healthy and alive. Keeping the chakras flowing, open and aligned is essential to our well-being, as blocked chakras restrict the flow of energy that sustains us.
In this 7 part series we will explore each chakra, gaining an understanding of how each one affects us, learning the warning signs of imbalance and identifying which yoga poses help to open and align each chakra. Each session includes an overview of the chakra, a chakra-based yoga flow and a short, guided meditation on the chakra. The series culminates in week 7 with a total chakra flow.
Join us to learn how to harness the power of prana and increase joy, happiness and health.

The series is paced for beginners. Yogis of all levels are invited to attend.
We will not be holding class on Mother’s Day on May 8th.  We will be allowing for drop-ins as well for each date if you can’t commit to all 7.

Must pre-register your drop ins in advance online.
$18 drop in. $99 for all 7 weeks.
 Yoga will guide you to true happiness & everlasting bliss!

Valentine’s Weekend Heart Centering, Balancing & Opening Workshop!

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heart tree
heart (anahata) chakra is associated with unconditional love, compassion, and joy. It is the source of deep and profound truths that cannot be expressed in words.
When the heart chakra is in healthy alignment you will feel surrounded by love, compassion, and joy and connected to the world around you.

Don’t miss our Valentines Heart Centering, Balancing & Opening Workshop!

Join Ginger for this Valentines weekend heart opening and exploring workshop.  We will discover the power of unlocking and unleashing anahata, our heart chakra! Some of the many physical benefits of heart opening poses include; toning the spine, increasing breathing capacity of the lungs and relieving tightness in the back and shoulders.
The emotional benefits of heart opening allows you to grow stronger with more compassion and connectedness to others as well as the world around you.
Class will include approximately one hour of physical practice as we explore the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of a heart centered practice.  We will follow with meditation, discussion and journaling on our own heart-centeredness discoveries!
Register under the workshop tab: $35

lcw pic

LCW joins the District Burlington!

Hello Roots Students & Communitiy,
I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to Life-Cycle Wellness and Life-Cycle Studio here in Burlington.
Over the past few years, I have spent much of my time creating partnerships and programs with companies and corporations in the area under the ‘Roots on the Road’ programming of our yoga studio.As demand and opportunity grew, it became clear that I needed to separate this programming from Roots, as I did not want to run Roots like a business in this manner, but wanted to preserve the ancient and authentic practice and intimate community feel that we as a community created.I shared my vision, with my now partner Alexa Pozniak, and together we created Life-Cycle Wellness.  (LCW) is a multi-faceted company that works to enhance the health of employees,  with customized classes and specialty workshops and programming to create a higher-performing and happier workplace.

We are thrilled to announce, that we are opening our flagship studio location at ‘The District’ (formerly New England Executive Park) in Burlington!

This new studio is an extension of our corporate wellness brand and offers yoga, boot-camps and indoor cycling to the employees at the ‘The District’ and people in and around the surrounding communities.

With Life-Cycle Wellness and Life-Cycle Studio, I am excited to assist students in their pursuit of overall health and well-being, and I hope to provide everyone with a space to escape from their busy days and hectic lives, with the same sense of community and inclusiveness  that we have cultivated at Roots!I welcome you all to visit our wellness site… and to check out our studio.

I look forward to seeing you at LCW in the New Year!

With much health and wellness,



Join Julie for this fun and creative way to set goals!  A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain your focus.  A vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.

Why a vision board?  We tend to be busy and constantly bombarded by distractions. Making a vision board helps you identify your vision and give it clarity while reinforcing your daily affirmation.

This workshop will start with an inspiring physical practice followed with meditation to help visualize and picture our goals.  Boards, glues sticks and magazines will be provided.  You are encouraged to bring in scissors, personal photos, other pictures, inspiring quotes and affirmations.

Exploring the Power of Positive Intention this Saturday with Terri 11-1

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Sometimes we set an intention for our yoga class, but did you know that the power of intentions goes way beyond your mat? An intention is the starting point of every dream you want to manifest in your life, whether it be money, relationships, spiritual awakening or love.

In this interactive workshop we’ll explore the power and purpose of positive intentions, and learn how to set them and lock them in for the new year. We’ll also enjoy an all-levels heart opening yoga practice to embrace our intentions and close our day out with a relaxing extended guided meditation.

Join us and take advantage of this opportunity to connect mind, body & spirit and fulfill your desires in 2016!

Register under our workshop tab: $35