Good Luck to our Boston Marathoners today! If you are hitting the pavement or training for a race this spring, check out this video and these stretches Ginger demonstrated for to keep runners in tip-top shape and injury free… Watch video

This is a FABULOUS 5 week Yoga Series on Saturdays from 4-5:15

Bigger Bodies Yoga is a 75 minute yoga workshop aimed at offering full-figured folks classes in a judgment free space to embrace and support each other in a healthy lifestyle. Modifications of basic poses will be learned so that you will not experience such things as lower back strain, wrist strain and knee strain in your practice.   We will be on the floor, on our feet and at the wall for standing balance poses.  It is more than just a yoga class.

Learn to use yoga and yogic principles to guide you to a vibrant life full of energy, freedom, and peace.

This is a friendly, welcoming, and safe environment to explore yoga, nutrition, and topics that are specific to the lives and concerns of larger framed folks.

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Friendly updates and reminders

We say this in the nicest namaste way…..

1. You need to pre-register for class.

2. You need to cancel if you are not coming.

(We had a number of no shows this weekend & we also had to turn away un-registered students at the door as the classes were already full with pre-registered yogis.)

Please also be on your mat by class start.  Doors lock during class and open 15 minutes before the  next scheduled class.

Aaaaaachooo…Ommmmm, sniffle…cough, ommmmm….keeping calm and less stressed keeps the immune system in better working order. When your less taxed on both a physical and emotional level you can better defend against germs and invaders…….

Work it out, Boston: Top 5 yoga poses to boost immune system

chatarangachaturanga on horse


We are bringing this workshop back as many of our students are unsure of the proper alignment techniques for chaturang.   This pose is one of the stops along the way in vinyasa, which is incorporated in many of our classes.   In this workshop-style session Terri will break down each stip of chaturanga, providing basic instruction and alignment to help you improve your yoga flow from your push-up, through your upward facing dog and into downward facing dog.   If you are new to yoga and looking to take your practice to the next level, or you’re an experienced yogi who wants to get back to basics, this session is for you.   We’ll start with a short warm-up, then take it to the mat for interactive demonstration and discussion, and wrap up with and easy flow so you can practice what you’ve learned.  Good habits, proper alignment make for a long and healthy yoga practice, so don’t miss this opportunity to improve your chaturanga.   This workshop is designed for ALL LEVELS.  $25
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Look who is coming to Roots on Sunday! AMY LEYDON! pictured above at last years Yogathon! Amy is one of the amazing Yogathon Presenters at Gillette this year!
Amy has been awarded Best Yoga Teacher in Boston by Boston Magazine and is also a Lululemon Ambassador.Amy aspires to find an even balance between strength and surrender in the class room and takes that balance into her life. She tries not to take herself too seriously and encourages her students to do the same. Laughter is welcome and music is an integral part of her class.Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to take from one of Boston’s finest at Roots here in Burlington! Space is limited! All proceeds go to Childrens Hospital Boston through this years YOGATHON at Gillette Stadium!ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL BOSTON!
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Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to take from one of Boston’s finest! Space is limited!


Join Danielle for 90 Minutes of Hip Opening this Sunday March 30th from 3-5 PM!
This workshop will focus on key alignment cues to help lengthen the hamstrings and create space in the lower back, allowing the hips to open naturally.  Class will start with a mindful meditation leading up to a nice vinyasa to warm the body followed by a restorative closing savasasna leaving your hips feeling restored, open and happy!
Be sure to reserve your mat in advance on our workshop tab.   Space is limited.