Roots is looking to add to our sub list for the Fall!   If you or someone you know is interested in joining our wonderful community of instructors and students please send an email to Ginger at rootsyogaburlington@gmail.com
*RYT200 certificate required*  & must attend at least 5 Roots Yoga classes

yoga nidra

Escape the heat with a cool practice and release tension with calming poses and cooling pranayama (breath).

Linda will relax you into a deep state of rest and renewal with a beautiful Yoga Nidra meditation that will help to restore vibrancy, health and vitality.

Translated as “Yogic Sleep”, yoga nidra encourages a systematic relaxation of the body while the mind enters a deep state of meditative awareness. There is nothing required of you but to lay down, listen and give yourself permission to rest, balance and restore and connect with your inner peace. Transform stress and anxiety while increasing health and wellness.

Register under the workshop tab: $25

blb benefit
We ommmmmmm’d big Friday night!  They could feel the love in Haiti!  We raised $1,000 to help send the Be Like Brit’s neighboring children to their summer camp program where they get to play, learn to swim, read and so much more!  Thank you to everyone who donated to help support the next generation in Haiti in Honor of Brittany Gengel!

blb kids

The children in Haiti attend school a bit further into June than our children in the states, and they  have just wrapped up school and they are looking forward to Summer Vacation.  This year at BLB they have decided to have “Summer Camp” for their kids.   Camp resurrects so many memories for all that they wanted to give their children the same memories.   Everyday, the people at the BLB orphanage struggle seeing the Mountain community just outside of their walls live such a difficult life. They start working at a very young age and the average Haitian only eats 1 meal a day.   They don’t know the luxury of turning on a faucet, or using a real toilet.   In early June Len Gengel came upon the side gate at the orphanage where he saw a little mountain boy looking under the gate with his hand extended, it broke his heart.
Len and CA Update 3

It inspired him to propose a summer camp for some of the kids who live right outside the walls of the orphanage.     After a brief overview of Summer Camp, the staff was on board, and it was decided that they will bring in some children from the mountain community to join the 66 children of the BLB for camp this summer to give them a little relief from their difficult lives and expose them to things like swimming and reading.

LET THEIR SUMMER BEGIN!   Please join us for this 2 hour power detox flow class with a check written out to the BLB Foundation in the minimum amount of $25 on up.
Your donation will help with extra staff, supplies, and transportation needed to make this camp extra special for the kids! Register Here… https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=39121&stype=-8&sTG=4&sVT=7&sView=day&sTrn=9
melissa and childblb sweet pea

Roots turned 3! Plant a tree…

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tree and buddha

We are giving away trees to thank you for choosing to practice with us over the past 3 years!

Advice from a tree…

Stand tall and proud.
Sink your roots into the earth.
Be content with your natural beauty.
Go out on a limb.
Drink plenty of water.
Remember your roots.
Enjoy the view!

Don’t forget to take your sapling home after class.   We look forward to continuing to grow together!

trees and hands