O’Mazing Beginner Workshop w/ Ginger Sat.

(Sept. 6th 11-1)
Whole Health Wellness Seminar
w/ Courtney & Jessica!
(Sept. 13th 11:00-12)
Happy Hip Opening Workshop with Danielle!
(Sat. 20th  11-12:30)
Long Overdue Yin Yoga Workshop w/ Greg McGowan
(Sunday 28th 1-2:15



Krishnamacharya, the grandfather of modern yoga said,… ” Make yoga propaganda and get the message out there.”

B.K.S Iyengar revitalized the ancient Indian discipline and has inspired tens of millions around the world up until his recent passing on Wednesday of last week.

As yogis, we know the power of our practice and the power of transformation.   Yoga heals on so many various levels- physical, spiritual, and emotional.  Both students and instructors  have heard so many touching stories and triumphs.   No doubt yoga heals!

You may not even realize that the person on the mat next to you has come to heal, whether it be from sickness, grief, loss, divorce, injury, anxiety, depression, or whatever.  It’s just a matter of time until all of us has something we have to work through.   Despite this, you all bring your spirit, support and adventure into the studio.

Recently, I have seen so many kind, loving, friendly and supportive gestures before, during and after class among our students.   You have shared your stories, given hugs, grabbed a coffee, sent your pregnant friends to pre-natal, brought friends to our classes, told friends about our workshops and have spread word about Roots to those who you know need a little yoga in their lives.

We are all doing our part both on and off the mat to share and spread word about the gift of yoga!  Keeping both Krishnamacharya and B.K.S Iyengar’s teachings and dreams alive.  We should feel proud of this fact and of our community.

The amount of gratitude I have come to feel because you choose to practice at Roots is immeasurable. For that and all of the above, I thank you!

Looking forward to Fall unfolding!


Roots’ Second Year in Review!

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It was a year filled with new offerings, community building, and giving back for Roots Yoga in Burlington, which recently celebrated its second anniversary on June 15th.

“This past year has been one of sharing new experiences and developing new programs centered on healing the body, mind, and soul,” said owner Ginger Boermeester.

One goal was to offer students an opportunity to branch out beyond their traditional yoga classes.  Last summer, Roots provided yogis with an opportunity to get out of the studio and into nature via a guided hike up Prospect Hill in Waltham, which concluded with a tranquil yoga and meditation class.    hike

“We focused on the root chakra, which is a big part of Roots’ Yoga philosophy; like the roots of trees that reach deep into the earth, the root chakra helps to anchor and secure ones connection to their foundational center that we don’t often tap into,” said Boermeester. Another hike is planned for next month, which will include special guest instructors.

In keeping with yoga’s holistic approach to health and well-being, Roots invited author Jodi Blasé to lead a workshop on her autobiography, ‘My Big Fat Head’ and to conduct an open discussion on all types of addictions, as well as Jodi’s own, where she shared her firsthand struggles with eating addiction and her long road to recovery.

Another unique workshop targeted an oft-ignored subset of yogis: overweight individuals. Yoga for Bigger Bodies (Y4BB) ran two, five-week series, which taught full-figured folks basic poses with modifications to prevent lower back, knee, and wrist strain, all within a judgement-free space.   “The thought of walking into a yoga studio for the first time was intimidating and would have been overwhelming, but knowing what to expect in a traditional class and understanding my limitations and the modifications needed for my size has armed me with the knowledge to start my yoga practice,” said one participant who has since transitioned into Roots’ beginner yoga classes.

Drawing on yoga’s seva principal of selfless service, giving back was another priority of Roots and its instructors, as the studio entered into its second year. This included playing host to a number of fundraisers. Among them were donation-based classes for Boston Children’s Hospital and Children’s Tumor Foundation, and the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. And for the second year in a row, a team of Roots Yoga students and instructors participated in Yogathon at Gillette Stadium, where they stood in service with one-thousand yogis to raise money for Children’s Hospital Boston.

But perhaps the biggest example of giving back was Boermeester’s recent trip to Haiti. In May, she traveled to the village of Grand-Goave, where she visited the Be Like Brit (BLB) orphanage, home to forty-seven children. There, she introduced these young victims of trauma, many of who had lost their families in the 2010 earthquake, to yoga as a way to help them heal.

“The time I spent in Haiti was by far the most rewarding and fulfilling days of my life,” said Boermeester. “Haiti is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, yet rich in so many ways, with their spirit and appreciation of the smaller, more important facets of life.” She added, “Working with the children of BLB to help them feel safe, secure, confident, and empowered was both fulfilling and fun.”

BLB kids and mats

Interest in the project has been widespread, and Boermeester is currently in the process of raising money and applying for grants in order to develop a yoga curriculum for BLB, train staff members, and create a network of volunteer instructors to travel to the region.  Heading into year three, she says Roots’ offerings, and reach, will continue to expand.

“We have a variety of specialized programs in the works that will continue to build community and wellness on both local and global levels. We are all really excited to see how things evolve as we move into year three!”




It takes thousands of dollars to run the Be Like Brit orphanage each month. To eliminate their electric bill, they have decided to switch their energy intake by adding solar panels to Be Like Brit.

This worthwhile project will cost $65,000. Granite City Electric in Worcester has spent the last six months designing a 30 KW solar project to BLB. Once installed, the solar system, in conjunction with a battery back up system, will provide 100% of the electrical needs of the orphanage. This is not only financially responsible, it will help save the planet!

Granite City Electric is generously donating a 22ft box truck this summer to transport the materials to Miami port and then to Haiti. Also a big Thank You to Solect in Massachusetts for donating a generous amount of solar panels, and sending two workers to come and install them in Haiti! The installation date for the solar system is the last week of August. Please help them accomplish the ambitious and worthwhile goal!

Solar Panel $400
Double Battery $200
Single Battery $100
Roof Bracket $50

Visit to donate or join us for our upcoming fundraising Yoga classes.   Next up … Ginger is teaching a Sunrise donation class this Sunday June 22nd 9:30-10:30AM at Lord & Taylor at the Burlington Mall.

BLB kids and mats blb sweet peaalexa and gengals

‘Roots on the Road’ is back from Haiti!  Take a moment here to read BLB’s weekly blog, where you will learn how the week went, and get to see all the beautiful children of BLB, doing yoga and sharing and giving  all of their amazing love.  See an inside look of the orphanage and outside villages and the people and  organizations that are collaborating with BLB to enrich these lucky children’s lives.   It was an incredible and humbling opportunity to meet the people of Haiti and to see all of the great things that are happening at BLB to keep Brittany Gengel’s dream and memory alive!    Roots will be planning some benefit classes soon to help support BLB, their children and the community in Haiti!

Roots Celebrates 2 Years!

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On June 15th Roots hit it’s 2 Year Anniversary.   Stay tuned for our year in review…