A great Thanksgiving it was…

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gratitude tree at roots 2015

Thank you to all for participation in our gratitude classes, workshops, and Thanksgiving & turkey burn classes!   We are looking forward to continuing to celebrate throughout the season and into 2016 with you!

Don’t forget to purchase your gift cards for the Holiday!

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Customize your gift card by clicking here…https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=39121&stype=42

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving and Gratitude

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treemendously thankful pic


Dear Roots Students & Community,
As Roots approaches its fourth Thanksgiving season, we would like to express our appreciation and gratitude for each and every student and supporter of our studio.
All of you have had a special part and impact on creating the welcoming community that we have assembled, the new friendships that have formed, and the yoga journeys that have been taken.  The overall progress in each individual’s practice has been remarkable to witness.  These overall shifts and transformations… continually amaze!
As instructors, we are unbelievably proud, moved, and honored to be a part of your yoga journey.
In keeping with tradition, we would love to hear from you!  We would be incredibly grateful if you could take a moment to email us at rootsyogaburlington@gmail.com and share what yoga means to you, and how it has improved, or even changed, your life.  Even if your are brand new to your practice we would like to hear from you!

We will compile responses and read them aloud throughout our annual Thanksgiving Day Gratitude class and post at the studio.
(students will remain anonymous for the readings.)
With Blessings and Gratitude,
Ginger & all of your Roots instructors!


P.S Here is our Thanksgiving Celebration Schedule… (spots are filling fast)

A Double Serving of Gratitude with a Post-Turkey Day Detox!

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Reserve your seat at the table!


The Gift of Gratitude Workshop with Linda DeVincentis
Saturday, November 11th 11-1PM 
Embrace this spirit of Thanksgiving and open up to gratitude and joy with this light hearted workshop.   Join us as we slow life’s pace and turn inside using meditation, breathe, and a gentle yoga practice.  Taking the time to simply acknowledge and give thanks for all that is good in life can have remarkable benefits to your health and well-being.  We will seek to nurture a sense of gratitude by exploring the natural sense of wonder that comes from appreciating life exactly as it is.  A sense of peace, joy and happiness will be cultivated and you will be encouraged to carry these gifts, along with the intention of gratitude, out into your daily life.
All levels welcome.  $35  Register on our workshop tab here

Thanksgiving Day Gratitude Class with Ginger
Thanksgiving Day 9:30-10:45AM
Register on our class pages $25

Turkey Burn-2 Hower Heated Power Detox Flow with Ginger
Friday Day after Thanksgiving 9:30-11:30AM
If you have never attended one of our 2 Hour Power Detox Heated Flow classes prepare to challenge yourself like never before!  We will be working extra hard! Lots of power, flow, sweat, and twists.   Experience the burn while holding more challenging poses longer.   Extra planking, mountain climbing, reversing our chaturanga’s, adding burpees in between our vinyasas, as well as performing vinyasa on towels to engage the deep layers of our abdominals.   Have you heard about zombie abs?  Come experience them for yourself!  You will leave feeling wrung out yet refreshed, centered and grounded at the same time.
Register on our class pages $25

Kosha is translated as “sheath” or “layer” and there are 5 of them in the yoga teachings. Each layer represents to a layer of our human existence: physical, energetic, mental/emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. In this comprehensive weekend, we will be lead by Sarah Kearns and we will explore each layer through, physical asana (poses), breathwork, meditation, and philosophy teachings. This weekend will give us more time than a weekly class, to dive deep into ourselves through all the above methods, and will give us a chance to learn something new.

Friday Night: 7:00-8:15pm

We will start with an opening circle of introductions and setting intentions, followed by a brief calming evening practice

Saturday Afternoon: 1:30-4:30pm

This class will begin with a brief philosophy lesson and consist of a well-rounded practice, of vinyasa flow, combined with energizing breath-work, followed by a yin and restorative section, and finishing with meditation, and an extended savasana.

Sunday Afternoon: 1:00-3:00pm

This class will be a slow-flow focusing on alignment, and integrate some of Saturday’s breathwork, as well as the meditative practices through movement and music. We will close with a brief closing ceremony to bring everyone full circle.

Register under the workshop tab.  $80

Be Good to Your Bones! Grab your Halloween Special!

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skeleton group

Be good to your bones!  Choose your  Spooktacular Halloween special!  Offer ends midnight on Hallows Eve!
5 Class Card for $49 … http://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=39121&stype=41&prodid=10252
10 Class Card for $99 … http://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=39121&stype=41&prodid=10253

autumn tree w sun rays
The word “chakra’ can be confusing and many are uncertain about what exactly chakra means.  The history of the chakras spans centuries, and the idea of balancing our seven main energy centers has gained popularity in our hyper-connected smartphone era as people are continuing to feel increasingly stressed out with the pace of modern life.

Ginger will guide us through an understanding of each chakra and how to open and balance each of these energy centers.    We will be work-shopping, journaling, & exploring the colors, symbols, mantra’s, locations, meanings, and poses associated with each chakra.

Please join us and take time out to learn how we can change our outlooks and take a more holistic approach toward our health, as we adopt a more natural way to reduce stress, gain spirituality, and manage emotional and physical imbalances.

Yoga for runners & athletes: 6 week series starts this Sunday!

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Whether you spend time in the gym, on the ice, on the field, log in dozens of miles every week, or are just starting a Couch-to-5K program, you have probably heard that yoga is good for runners and athletes alike.  But who has the time for all that cross-training, right? Not so fast (unless you’re running)! Our resident athlete, cross-fitter, and marathoner, Nari, will help you discover how yoga can make you a better on the ice, the field, or the track: improve your strength, flexibility, coordination, concentration, and balance.

Through a series of 6 classes specifically tailored for athletes, we will practice a sequence of postures designed to lengthen and stretch muscles used when working out, running and training (hamstrings, IT band, hip flexors, tibial muscles, psoas muscles, achilles tendons, and the plantar fascia). We will work to alleviate spinal compression and build strength in the core to improve endurance and alignment during your runs. We will learn breathing techniques to help relax your body and make it more efficient.

Specifically scheduled for late Sunday afternoons, these classes are designed to be forgiving and customizable to complement and help you recover from your weekend long run. The goal of the series is to help you reverse the imbalances created by your favorite sport. Each class will have a specific focus and will build on the previous week’s practice, so as give you a complete set of tools you can use on your own to complement your runs at the end of all 6 weeks. The focus of week 1 will be hips, week 2 – hamstrings, week 3 – core, week 4 – balance, week 5 – breathing, and week 6 will put it all together.

Register under our workshop tab.

Calling all Yoga Teachers & Teaching Assistants!

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Roots is looking to add to our sub list for the Fall!   If you or someone you know is interested in joining our wonderful community of instructors and students please send an email to Ginger at rootsyogaburlington@gmail.com
*RYT200 certificate required*  & must attend at least 5 Roots Yoga classes